Must say that my face was looking pretty good this past weekend. The skin tight facial mask that my esthetician D put on my face during my monthly facial last Friday afternoon really did the trick. I could not move my face for a few minutes, but it did tighten my skin. D said it would make my skin look 20 years younger. I do love D and I do love her facials. She is such a smart esthetiian. She knows exactly what my 50+ year old face needs.

Although, it may not just be the facials that are improving my skin’s appearance. Perhaps, it is the new Olay Pro-X skincare line that is transforming my skin. It did say that it is guaranteed to work or I get my money back in 28 days. Only thing is, I cannot remember when I started using this skincare line. I was hunting for my receipt and I think I threw it out. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

I think it was about 14 days ago that I started the Olay Pro-X treaments. (I guess that I’m about halfway through my skin enhancing protocol because I have half a jar of the night cream left.)

I am using all three creams religiously – day and night. I am the exact consumer Procter and Gamble is looking for – I traded down from my Estee Lauder cream. Yes, instead of going to Macy’s to purchase my Estee Lauder face cream ,I became an Estee trader. (I do feel guilty. I’m sorry Estee, I’m so sorry.) I did exactly what Procter and Gamble wanted me to do, I traded down.

But, Estee, ProX is “clinically proven to re-signal skin to perform more like it did when it was younger.” So, of course, I had to try this new skincare line. It is supposed to increase my surface turnover and repair the moisture barrier (Lord knows with all the rain this week, I likely have more moisture on my face than I need.) The brochure says that ‘these skin improvements have been clinically tested by independent dermatologists in partnership with the Olay Professional Alliance for Skincare Innovation (wonder who exactly this alliance is).

I bought the starter kit for $60. My AM Regimen (as Olay calls it) includes two steps. First I apply the Eye Restoration Complex (just a little itty-bitty dab) around my eyes and then I apply the Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30(glad this cream includes protection from the sun…now if the sun decides it wants to shine again after all this rain this week, I will be very happy that my face has protection. D said I should be sure to wear enough sunscreen this summer because I am starting to have a bit of dark pigment on my cheek and it will start showing up more if I don’t protect myself. Uh oh!)

At night, I do the PM Regimen. First I apply the Eye Restoration Complex around my eyes again and then I apply the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. I was supposed to see changes after the first use, but I forgot to look. (I am too tired at night to examine my skin.) And then I was supposed to see more changes after the first week. I don’t think I looked then either. By now my skin should be:

– more hydrated
– protected from the sun’s harmful rays
– smoother and with increased exfoliation cycle
– and my dark circles and puffiness should be diminished with every use

By week 4, I am supposed to see ALL the changes taking place. If I’m counting correctly, I have two more weeks to go. I will have to mark my calendar and remember to look at my face more closely. (Perhaps I should put a Post-It Note with the date on my bathroom mirror. Yes, that is a good idea.) I have two more weeks to go and then it says my face will look even better:

– my crow’s feet should be less visible
– my skin’s moisture barrier should be improved
– and my fine line and wrinkle depth should be reduced

Wow, all for only $60. Who needs a facelift when I can be skin tight in 4 weeks. I guess I will continue this daily day and night regimen another 2 weeks and see if I stay an Estee trader. I have nothing to lose, except some more of my wrinkles. And if I don’t like what I see in the mirror after 4 weeks are up, I get my money back!