Trust skin fitness for post 50 women, boomer beauty, life after 50

boomer beauty, life after 50, makeup for 50+ women, over 50Whenever I’m asked to try new skin care products, I usually say “yes.” In fact, if you looked in my bathroom cabinets since I’ve been blogging, you would find dozens of skin care samples.

During my life after 50, I’ve been on a mission to find a magical cure that might ultimately keep my face and neck forever wrinkle-free. It’s challenging to always keep my chin up, especially during days when I’m lacking sleep.

Created for Women 50+
Last spring, I was invited to try Truist™, a new line specifically created for women over 50.* The skin creams are manufactured by Kimberly Clark, a company that says “it knows first-hand about putting ingredients next to skin.” KC is the creator of Huggies diapers. My boyfriend L likes to say that my skin feels as soft as a baby’s skin when I come home from a visit to my esthetician. Is it possible to create this same softness with at-home products? I wondered if Truist™ might provide the answers.

A Unique Approach To Skin Care
Truist, skin fitness for post 50 women, boomer beautyI perused the brand’s website where you can purchase the products and liked what I read: “Truist™ takes a unique approach, focusing on your skin’s true purpose, which is to keep healthy moisture in, and harmful elements out. Our products help your skin get in better shape to do its job. That’s the true measure of your skin’s well being and we call it skin fitness. We believe that women over 50 are strong, wise, and beautiful. We know that you don’t want products that promise to make you look 30 again; you need products that will make your skin as vibrant and as resilient as you are.”

I knew why they selected me as a tester – “strong, wise, beautiful, vibrant, resilient” – moi, moi, moi. “I’ll try the entire line,” I told the team. I put a basket on my bathroom counter to hold the bottles and readied for my daily beauty routine:

Truist™ Calming Cleanser to refresh my face in the morning and comfort me at night. I liked that I could use it with my Clarisonic brush. It left my skin soft, moisturized and residue-free.
Truist™ Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser to gently remove dead skin without irritation. I exfoliated every few days as recommended.
Truist™ Moistruizing and Strengthening Serum to hydrate my skin. This was my favorite of the bunch. I liked the consistency and used it as a moisturizer under my makeup.
Truist™ Moisturizer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 to protect my skin from the sun’s most damaging rays. I used this lotion during the day before I went out in the sun and reapplied as needed throughout the day.
Truist™ Skin Nourishing Body Milk  to massage into my body after my shower or bath.
Truist™ Intensive Overnight Moisturizing Lotion to add radiance, luminosity and vibrancy while I slept. (Note: I also used this lotion on many sleepless nights and appreciated the hydration.)
Truist™ Skin Calming Comfort Serum – I didn’t use this one too much because it was designed for delicate, troubled skin.

Fast Forward Five Months
“What do you think of my skin?” I asked my esthetician D in September after using the Truist™ line for five months. D had mentioned that my skin was very dry during a previous visit. “It’s much better. Nice and hydrated,” said D. I told her that I was testing out a new skin care line.

At-Home Spa Afternoon With A Friend

Trust skin fitness for post 50 women, boomer beauty, life after 50

An at-home spa day with a friend using Truist One-Step Moisturizing Gloves and Socks.

“Let’s try two more Truist™ products – One-Step Moisturizing and Conditioning Gloves and Socks,” I told my friend L earlier this month. “We can have a spa afternoon.” We placed the sock packaging in a bowl of hot water to warm. Then we put the socks on our feet. We did the same for the gloves minus the heat. After 15 minutes we were smoothed and soothed. I preferred the gloves more than L.

No Magic Cure To Aging
While at times I still yearn for a magic potion that will take away my wrinkles, deep down I am happy being who I am in my own skin. Maybe that’s why I appreciate the honest approach from the Truist™ team. As they say, “we believe that it’s unrealistic to tell people that our products will ‘cure’ the signs of aging. The truth is, no skin care product is going to do that! Instead, we provide the ingredients that changing skin needs to reach its full potential.”


* Note: I am blogging on behalf of Truist Skin Care. I have received compensation  for my time in addition to sample products for trial and review purposes. The views and opinions expressed here are solely mine , not those of the Truist brand.