I cannot believe that this week is almost gone. Time does fly when I’m having fun (and when I am busy working, working, working too and blogging too, and talking to my great friends too, busy, busy, busy). I did have fun this past weekend at my condo on the corner at the beach. I just wish it stayed warm this week like it was this past Sunday when I went riding…riding on my bicycle.

This past Sunday, when the weather warmed up and the sun was shining bright, I decided to take my bicycle out for a long ride (long on my watch is about 4-5 miles). On Saturday, I had gone to Target to purchase a new bicycle pump. My 50+ brain spent what felt like 50 minutes reviewing all the different bicycle pumps that were available for purchase. Should I buy a hand pump or a foot pump? I already had an old foot pump, so I decided to get the fancy Schwinn hand pump.

Well, well, well, lucky for me I did not throw out my old foot pump or I would have had some flat tires to ride on…because, because, because…I could not get my fancy new Schwinn air pump to work. No matter how much I tried, I just could not get air in my bicycle tires. And I didn’t want to spend half the day trying. (I knew I should have purchased the Schwinn foot pump, but I was was ready to try something new. Sometimes as they say, it pays to stick with what you are most familiar with.)

Finally with foot pumped air in my tires, I was off and riding. Free and easy, I rode to the end of the island and sat and meditated as I looked out on the sparkling ocean. It was so peaceful, so serene, so relaxing.

Then my stomach began to growl. (I was ready for my stop at my favorite bagel shop…I was ready to go back to my condo and have my breakfast.) It was time to start my pedal pumping again. And as I got back on the bike, a lovely biker woman approached.

“Do you ride much?” she asked. “Oh, I love to ride,” I said. “I’m D,” she said, “welcome to the island.” “If you like to ride, there are a bunch of mature women who ride the 13 mile route around the island, you should join us on weekends in the summer.” (Me, was she talking to me? Did I look like a fabulous fitness cyclist ready to bike a 13 mile route? Could I do it? Could I become a real cyclist in my 50+ years? I don’t even own a helmet. Since D was wearing a helmet and cycling pants I knew I would have to spruce up my cycling attire if I was going to join her women’s riding club.)

D rode with me to the bagel shop and we talked about our life, exchanged numbers and emails and then said our goodbyes. I left feeling excited about the prospects of a summer with some new riding buddies of mature women (D was definitely younger than me, but she mentioned an older widow cyclist who was part of the group who sold her house when she became a widow and rode around the world to heal and find herself. Not that I am that adventurous a widow, but I am looking forward to meeting a widow who is such an adventurer.)

With my bagel with low fat cream cheese in tow, I headed home. I took a different route closer to the beach. I passed my dream house. The house that I once looked at during an open house. The house that has a fabulous kitchen with sparkling blue granite counter tops. The house that has an outside deck with a winding staircase entrance and a view of the ocean. (Yes, it is still for sale. Maybe one day I’ll become a bestselling author and buy that million dollar house…it was such a beautiful day so I kept dreaming as I rode home…dreaming doesn’t cost anything I thought to myself…I can dream if I want to.)

As I passed my dream house I realized that my raisin bagel with low fat cream cheese was no longer in tow…I was so busy dreaming about my dream house that I hadn’t realized that my bagel had fallen out of its brown bag. Oh, where, oh where had my bagel gone? (Serves me right for day dreaming!) I turned around and put my pedal to the medal and found my bagel. There it was…all wrapped up, sitting perfectly still in the middle of the road, just a few steps away. Ah, I still had my breakfast. What a lucky day. I picked up my bagel and I was on my way. (When I get my new cycling wardrobe, I’m also going to see if I can purchase a biker bagel bag. I don’t ever want to drop my breakfast again.)

Breakfast bagel, coffee, and a last view of the ocean and I was back in my car this time driving home. It had been a lovely day. A superb weekend. And as neared my house, as I drove down my block, it was like Spring had sprung overnight. The cherry blossom trees on my block were in bloom, the weeping willow tree was fully weeping, and the daffodils had popped on a neighbor’s lawn nearby.

I was so happy to see that Spring had arrived. Hopefully, my new mountain bicycle that I finally ordered for my anniversary gift from work will arrive soon too. Then I’ll be off and riding again with a new bike, a new bike pump (I’m determined to get this pump to work on my new bike), and eventually a new pair of biker shorts with padding for my 50+ biker backside. Ah, yes, and a new helmet too (hopefully there are lightweight helmets available since I don’t like having helmet head hair).

My 2009 summer goal: 13 miles around the island. I can do it. Yes, this 50+ body and backside are rearing to go. Let it ride!