I am so ready for spring. Are you?  My 50+ year old body is not liking this cold, cold, snowy weather.  My skin is so dry and my hair is so flat and dull.  My wrinkles seem to be multiplying on my face from the heat.  My frown lines are getting more defined everyday and my laugh lines are getting deeper too.  It’s not even February yet and I’m bored with my winter clothes.

I know at this age I should not wish time to move faster but, but, but, I am so ready for spring.

So, what can I do to prepare for spring 2011?

I will highlight my hair in a few weeks and bring back some of the blond glow.  Then I’ll have more body and lift.  I better call my hair colorist and not forget to put a date on my calendar.

I will buy some spring flowers this weekend and brighten up my new townhome.  Maybe I will get a small rose plant at in the flower shop at my grocery store like I did for a friend this past week. Yellow roses always brighten up the day.

I will read up on spring fashions.  So glad VOGUE and InStyle arrived at my new address in a timely manner.  I just glanced at the 50 Classic Looks for Spring and I am a bit cautious.  I like the beige tones and cotton fabrics, but what’s going on with the long length of those skirts and dresses?  Don’t designers care about shrinking baby boomer women like me who are now petite?  Ooh, ooh, wait, I just opened the February issue of InStyle and there’s a piece on You Look Amazing – 50 Tips and Tricks to Create Your Most-Flattering Self Ever.  I so have to read this now.  (Stay tuned, this sounds like material for an upcoming blog post.)

I will do some spring cleaning.  I can’t wait for my new super duper Kenmore front loading washer and dryer to be delivered today so that I can wash my new king-sized duvet cover and start to redecorate my bedroom.  I do hope both the washer and dryer fit through the front door. “Make sure you’ve measured your area to ensure the space is adequate,” said the recorded voice on the Sears message, “Your delivery is scheduled between 11:15 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.” (Okay, I admit it – these new appliances are two of the highlights of the winter season.  Once they are safely installed and in working order I will be SO HAPPY.)

How many days to go before it is spring?  Spring arrives on March 20th — just two months away.  Daylight saving time begins the week before on March 13th.  

My therapist told me to do a short exercise when I can’t get to sleep at night.  She said I should say out loud four things that I see, that I hear and that I feel and then work my way down to three things, two things, one thing.  “You may be asleep by the time you get to the end. It will help to relax you,” said Dr. F. “You can even put yourself in a setting, such as the beach.”

I think I am going to adapt this exercise as I wait patiently (or not) for spring to arrive.  Here goes…

“I see flowers blooming.  I see green grass.  I see leaves on the trees.  I see colorful spring clothes. I hear birds chirping.  I hear bicycle wheels on the ground. I hear Vivaldi’s spring music playing. I hear the sound of the outdoors from my open window. I feel happy. I feel light.  I feel warm.”

Okay, Judi, snap out of it.  You have to get back to reality.  It’s going to be 10 degrees this week. Go drink some hot cocoa and chillax.*


*P.S. – According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “chillax” is an actual word and has been added to the dictionary this year.  It is a verb and means “to calm down and relax.”