Oh me, oh my.  The more I look in the mirror lately, the more I notice my growing turkey neck.  That little bit of skin on my neck, just like a turkey’s neck, seems to be hanging low on one side.  Gobble, gobble.  Did I eat too much Thanksgiving turkey last week?  Is that why my neck is starting to flap? 

Good thing I didn’t eat too much ham or I might have piggy-itis as well.  I definitely would rather have turkey neck than a piggy stomach to go with my increasing pear-shaped body. (Although, my piggy bank could use a little more fullness, especially since I’ve been emptying it out of late as I get ready for my big move.)

I’ve been trying to work on the wrinkles on my face, but have to do a better job of working on my neck.  The nice PR staff at Johnson & Johnson sent me a sample of the new RoC BRILLIANCE Night Recharging Moisturizer to try out as part of my boomer beauty evening regimen.  It has a grayish activating serum that you put on your face first and then a recharging creme that goes on top of the serum. I’ve been cheating a bit and adding some of both the serum and creme to my neck in hopes that this treatment will bring new life to my neck as well as to my face.  Is it working?

“Your face is just like a baby’s tush,” said my boyfriend L, “it is so soft.” But what about my neck L?  What about my turkey neck? Gobble, gobble.

I also bought a VIC Face and Body Cloth last week. It’s a “wonderful stimulating wash cloth that revs up circulation and promotes radiant complexion.”  I’ve been using the cloth each morning to rev up my face and my neck.  I figure maybe with some revving my turkey neck may disappear. Gobble, gobble.

I’m also doing my yoga stretches to try to firm up my neck.  I bend my head back and open and close my mouth several times. Ohm, ohm, gobble, gobble, gobble. 

Before I know it, I’ll be 53.  For sure as I age the other side of my neck may start to flap in the breeze and hang low as I go.  Then I’m going to have to do what Nora Ephron and Diane Keaton have suggested aging women do and start to wear more turtleneck sweaters and tops.  But, but, but, I don’t like turtlenecks. I don’t want to put a turtleneck on my turkey neck. No turtlenecks or cowl necks for me. I just don’t like them.

I know what I can do.  Yes I do.  I can wrap my turkey neck in a scarf.  I do love scarves. And, like the Europeans, I know how to twist and tie my scarves all around my neck.  Plus, I have lots of pashimas and long colorful scarves in a variety of styles. Ooh, ooh, ooh, but I may need some additional scarves to go with ALL my outfits.

Winter, spring, summer, fall.  Guess, I’ll have to make a trip back to the accessory shop at the Nordstroms’ mall. 

And I think I may have to stop eating so many turkey sandwiches too. Gobble, gobble, gobble.