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“You’re skin looks so good,” said my daughter A when she was visiting last week. I told her I’ve been using a skin care line I received called Edye’s Naturals, which are made with pure, simple organic ingredients. “Edye’s Naturals were created by a post 50 female entrepreneur,” I said to A, who works in the beauty industry.

During my 10+ years blogging, I’ve received an abundance of beauty products.  As a post 50 and now post 60 female, I need all the skin care help I can get. Every day there are more wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles on my face and neck.

Edye's Naturals

Edye’s Naturals is a line of organic beauty products.

And the results say…

Based on my initial trial the past few months, I’m pleased to say that Edye’s Deep Nourishing Serum and Edye’s Face and Body Butter are awesome. However, they are very different than most other serums and moisturizers I’ve used.

Founder Edye Dumhart says: “The Serum is crafted to be the best organic facial serum you can find. The first ingredients are Organic Avocado Oil and  Organic Camellia Oil, which are wonderful for helping build collagen. It  also contains lemongrass with other organic ingredients. With this hydrating organic formula, younger, firmer-looking skin is well within reach, as it penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to deliver our super-concentrated combination of vitamin and antioxidant rich oils. It also helps diminish lines and wrinkles, reduce dark spots, even skin tone, and improve firmness, texture, and radiance by improving the health of your skin.”

Edye's Naturals

I’ve been using Edye’s Deep Nourishing Serum and Face & Body Butter on my face every night.

After I apply a drop of Serum, I dab the Butter on my face. I was skeptical when I first opened the Butter, it looked like a tub of wax. That’s because the Butter is very concentrated, a little goes a long way. I apply it to my face very, very sparingly and rub it into the skin. (Note: I’ve hardly touched the surface of the contents as I literally put a dab of Butter on my forefinger each night.) I like the way my skin stays hydrated overnight.

Edye says: “The Butter can be used from head to toe to treat all types of skin issues from burns, rashes, eczema, scarring, cuts, stretch marks and of course dry skin. It helps restore elasticity to the skin, increases collagen and improve wrinkles. It’s also gentle enough to be used on babies and pets!” Lately I’ve been rubbing the butter on my cracked heels and rough elbows too.

Edye Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

I was curious to learn more about Edye’s entrepreneurial journey and how she developed her company. Her story is inspiring for those who might be considering starting a business during their second act.

Excerpts from her interview follow. Also, be sure to enter the giveaway below for a 4 oz size ($33 value) of Edye’s Face & Body Butter, compliments of Edye’s Naturals. 

Take it away Edye…

Edye's Naturals; Edye Dumhart

Edye Dumhart is the founder of Edye’s Naturals, a line of organic skin care products.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself and your background.
I was born and raised in northern New Jersey.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s in Special Education and worked as a teacher before starting my family. After I got married and had children, I decided to become a stay at home mom. During that time I volunteered for several school events, became a Girl Scout leader and was active in various other organizations. I spent summers on Long Beach Island where I sail competitively. Healthy living was always on my mind. Among my dad’s many interests and talents was organic farming.  He taught me to respect plants and the value of organic living.

Q: What made you start a line of skin care products?
By the time I was in my 50’s my skin had taken a beating from years of summers in the sun. I had rosacea, dry cracked heels, fine lines, wrinkles and some precancerous spots.  I went to my local stores looking for skin care products without toxic ingredients, alcohol, water or anything I couldn’t pronounce. I went home empty-handed and started to research plant oils and their healing properties. I experimented with different oils and came up with my first product, Edye’s Face & Body Butter. While using these oils I started noticing a difference in my skin. I gave samples to friends and family who also noticed their skin issues starting to clear up. In fact my husband became my biggest consumer. He loves the feel of body butter on his skin.

Edye's Naturals

Edye’s Naturals are available in gift sets for the holidays.

Q: What makes your skin care products different than others on the market?
My products are unique because I only use plant oils that come from certified organic manufacturers. I have researched every ingredient I use for their healing properties. Every plant oil is familiar and safe to consume even for babies and pets. Anything you put on your skin absorbs right into the bloodstream. I don’t add water or alcohol in my line so emulsifiers aren’t needed. Many cosmetics companies that label their products organic or natural may still contain harmful chemicals.

Q: How can post 50 women best take care of their dry skin?
As we age we lose collagen. It’s important to add collagen in our skin care products to keep the skin from sagging and forming wrinkles. Once the skin starts to thin we are more prone to cuts and scarring. It also matters how we cleanse. Women should always be sure to remove makeup at the end of the day and go to sleep with clean skin. While we sleep our bodies use this time to heal. Using harsh cleansers dries the skin. Cleansing with oil will deeply clean out the pores as well as remove makeup. Hydration is also critical. We heal from the inside out and if we don’t consume enough water we will be naturally dehydrated.

Q: What other tips do you have for aging skin?
Eating a healthy diet low in sugar and high in plants is critical for obtaining healthy skin. Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells lets the skin breath and absorb moisture. It’s also important to apply moisturizers daily.

Thanks Edye for sharing your story! To learn more about all of Edye’s Naturals offerings visit their website.

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