The lovely PR ladies at CVS provided me with samples of Nuance, a new line of anti-aging moisturizers created by Salma Hayek. I figured if these products can make me look as good as Salma Hayek during my life after 50, I will definitely try them. I’ve been using the Renewed Radiance SPF 30 Moisturizing Day Cream each morning under my sunscreen and the Anti-Aging Super Cream at night.  I’ve also tried the Smoothing Anti-Aging Eye Cream and would recommend all three products. The products go on smoothly and are formulated with Shea butter and vitamin E.  How much do these age-defying products cost? You want to know that little detail? Well, well, well, all three are quite reasonable at about $16.99 each at your local CVS pharmacy.  Also check out the CVS Beauty Club for discounts.