I’ve been lucky to be treated to some new beauty products from a few sponsors I met at the BlogHer ’11 conference.  I thought I would introduce you to some of the brands that I like and thought other boomer girls might like.  I’ve included a few additional ones that I recently purchased as well.

First, I have to take a detour though and tell you about the fabulous facial I treated myself to in honor of my day off from work. My esthetician D put an oatmeal scrub on my face and followed it up with a probiotic masque. (I wondered if I had scheduled a facial or perhaps it was time for breakfast.)  The combination made my face, as my boyfriend L would say, “as soft as a baby’s tush.” D waxed my eyebrows too – what a difference an eyebrow wax can make to one’s face.  (Note to self: Be sure to make another appointment for a facial in the coming winter months.)

Boomer Girl Beauty Is About Protecting My Face From The Sun: D told me to be careful in the sun and always put sunscreen on my face to prevent age spots.  (I already have quite a few of those ugly spots.) As I always listen to what D says, I bought the sunscreen she recommended and am liking it very much.  It’s called Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50it has color-infused sunscreen technology and it blends with all skin tones.  The best part is that it is tinted, so I don’t have to wear a separate foundation.  According to Skinceuticals, “up to 90% of visible aging is caused by sun exposure.” (Ooh, aah, but I love to go to the beach and I love to soak up the sun. Guess I am going to have to watch out for those UVA/UVB waves from now on.)  How much did it cost?  You want to know that little detail?  Well, well, well – not too bad – it was $30 for 1.7 fl oz.  I only use a little amount on my face each morning and re-apply if I am going to be out in the sun all day.

Boomer Girl Beauty Is About Moisturizing Your Face: The lovely PR ladies at CVS provided me with samples of Nuance, a new line of anti-aging moisturizers created by Salma Hayek. I figured if these products can make me look as good as Salma Hayek during my life after 50, I will definitely try them. I’ve been using the Renewed Radiance SPF 30 Moisturizing Day Cream each morning under my sunscreen and the Anti-Aging Super Cream at night.  I’ve also tried the Smoothing Anti-Aging Eye Cream and would recommend all three products. The products go on smoothly and are formulated with Shea butter and vitamin E.  How much do these age-defying products cost? You want to know that little detail? Well, well, well, all three are quite reasonable at about $16.99 each at your local CVS pharmacy.

Boomer Girl Beauty Is About Attitude and that’s why I love the Philosophy brand.  I was so glad to see they had a booth at the BlogHer Conference in August.  I just finished trying the samples of their new miracle worker skin care collection.  The samples were very teeny-tiny, but the miraculous anti-aging moisturizer went on so light.  As the Philosophy packaging says, “to witness a miracle is to know ourself, vital, brilliant, heavenly in body and spirit.”  (Me, me, me, me. Thank you Philosophy.) How much does this miracle worker cost?  You want to know that little detail?  Well, well, well, it cost more than Salma’s brand at $55 for 2 oz.  – but it is worth a splurge once in a while if you want to have attitude.  I’d also recommend Philosophy purity one-step facial cleanser.

Boomer Girl Beauty Is About Pampering Yourself:  You absolutely will adore the Sabon line of bath products. I was smitten after my son D took me into the Sabon booth at Bryant Park last week.  “Mom, come here and try these soap scrubs, they will make your hands amazingly soft and they smell so wonderful,” said D. The saleswoman put a small scoop of the Lavender Apple Soap Scrub on my hands and then washed them in a beautiful, handcrafted Jerusalem stone fountain.  Then she topped my hands with Lavender Apple Butter Cream, a body cream based on Shea butter oil.  These beauty and bath products are from Israel and will make you feel luxurious from head to toe. How much did the soap scrub and lavender butter cream cost?  Well, well, well, it was rather expensive at $65 for the set, but if I don’t pamper myself at this age, who will?

Let me know if you try any of these boomer girl beauty treatments and how you like them.  Or do you use any of them already?  Do tell, do tell.