It’s been a few months since I had my personal astrology reading done  and I thought it was timely for me to go back and re-read what Astrologer Carolyn Crawford  (AC) had to say. I had spent an hour long session with her back in January when I was at the Miraval Spa.  It was the first time I had ever had an astrology reading and I listened intently to every word AC said.  I was in awe that a total stranger could sit opposite me and know me so well just by knowing my birthday date, the place I was born and the time of my birth.  Wow, wow, wow…it was just amazing.

So what did AC say about me?  Was I ready to hear the truth finally at 50+ years of age? If I had done this sooner in my life, would my life had turned out differently?  Hmm, hmm, hmm.

“You’re a Capricorn,” said AC, “You are very tied up with your work and career, very goal-oriented.  I see you as an executive manager who is good at running projects and giving structure to things.” (True: How did AC  know that? Yes, this is true. I’ve always been very goal-oriented.  Stretching myself to reach higher.)

“Your mother was a stronger influence on you than your father,” said AC. (True:  I always tended to side with my mother when I was growing up. She was more outgoing.  She was a very caring and positive person. And she tended to think of others first, more so than herself.)

“The moon indicates that you have more talent than the average person,” said AC. (Really, really, really?  Tell me more. Tell me more.)  “Your mind and your emotions are in sync.  Your actions come from the heart and you are very good at putting emotional content into your communications.” (True: And even more true now that I am coming into my authentic self during the second half of my life.)

“You are generous and kind and you have a good sense of humor,” added AC, “and you have had strong moral and ethical training as a child.” (True: Extra thanks go to my mom for nurturing my caring side, to my late dad for helping to develop my humorous side, and to both my parents for instilling good character down deep.)

“You have good luck in finding a marriage partner or mate,” said AC. (True: I did have a wonderful 24 year marriage with a wonderful mate until it was cut short almost three years ago.)  “However, for your future mate, I see someone in the legal profession, or a professor, or someone involved in import, export.” (Interesting, very interesting – I wonder if my boyfriend L has a new profession awaiting.  Maybe he should have an astrology reading session with AC too.)

“You want to expand, grow and see the world,” said AC.  “You over do things, yet you balance it with discipline.  You accept responsibility and are very well organized. But, you are very hard on yourself..” (True: Yes, I do over schedule myself.  And I am my worst critic. I have to work on this area.)

“You are very loyal to your friends.  You have tremendous emotional depth, more than the average person,” continued AC. “You have a lot of talent in the arts, especially in communications and speaking.” (True: Should I pursue higher education and become a teacher or professor in the second half of my life?  AC said I am someone who could publish a book and that I am an excellent writer. Oh, AC, I hope what you say is really, really true.)

“You have friends from quite a wide variety of social status. You have lots of friends, but you may not see them all the time. Perhaps you should set up a Facebook page,” said AC. (True: AC would be proud to know that I finally did succumb this weekend and set up my own Facebook page.  I don’t know how to use it, but it is up there and I think I already have a few friends.)

“You think outside the box.  You are a bit avant-garde in your thinking.  You understand future trends in fashion and in food., ” added AC, “You should do trend analysis.” (Really, really, really? Thank you AC, you have finally confirmed what I always thought was one of my true talents.)

“You should make money in writing or speaking in the future,” said AC as she finished up the first half of my astrology reading about my life as a Capricorn, who was born 52 years ago in Royal Hospital in the Bronx, NY, at exactly 11:38 am, on a wintery January day. (True or False? Oh, AC, I wonder what the future will bring. Will these astrology predictions come true? Will they?  Will they?  Will they? Can’t wait to find out.)

Anything’s possible because I’m a Capricorn and I can make it happen. Is that right AC?