boomer beauty, life after 50, after 50 skin care, over 50

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersYour skin is so dry,” said my esthetician D. “What have you been using on your face? Have you been exfoliating?”

I was embarrassed to say that I had gotten lazy and stopped using my Clarisonic brush. No wonder my 50 plus face was full of dead skin cells. Plus, it appeared that my cleanser was much too drying. Coupled with the indoor heat and outdoor freeze, I felt like a 50 plus face faux pas.

D exfoliated with a moisture-rich masque and then put on Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum. This product is expensive, but D says it is the best when it comes to antioxidants for the face. D says that a few drops of this formula will prevent dark spots and aging. “Always wear a sunscreen in the winter and the summer,” says D. She recommends the tinted Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen.

Since having my winter facial, I’ve been better about exfoliating everyday either with my Clairsonic brush or my washcloth. I’ve been using ReVive cleanser that I received as a sample from the Blue Mercury shop – it’s very gentle.

boomer beauty, life after 50, after 50 skin care, over 50

The nice PR people sent me HTY GOLD skin care samples to try.

I’ve also been using some skin care products that I received from HTY GOLD.

“Would you like to review our new HTY GOLD Intensive Eye Serum?” said the nice PR person in her email message. “Moi, oui, oui, oui,” I responded. I am always game to try any serum that claims to “dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes while alleviating fine lines and crow’s feet.” (Yep, lots of crow’s to get rid of at my age.)

I like the serum. It contains Soy-Rice peptide and other powerful antioxidants. It does perk up my eyes a bit – however, if I would have less menopausal moments during the night hours my dark circles would be even brighter.

The nice PR person also sent along HTY GOLD Body Gold Skin Cream. It comes in a big tub and looks and feels like whipped butter when I smooth it over my legs and arms. It’s quite expensive skin cream, so I hope it does the trick. According to the brochure “you are never too young to hide the years.” (I’ll second that.) The cream is supposed to “prevent & conquer dry, wrinkled, crepe-paper skin!” The luxurious cream is packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

Wow-o-wow, I didn’t realize how crepe-paper-like the back of my thighs are until I looked in a three way mirror when I was trying on pants in a dressing room a few weeks ago. My life after 50 legs are going to need many pots of GOLD to fix these thighs. I don’t think I am going to wear a bathing suit ever again or if I do I hope no one is looking behind me. (Hmm, wonder if I can get a contract with HTY GOLD to use my crepe-paper-like thighs in their ‘before use’ advertising?)

The beauty editors and their expert dermatologists in the January issue of InStyle magazine had some helpful tips for winter skin care:

For Glowing Skin: “The key to treating dull, dry skin is exfoliation and layers of moisture,” says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. (There’s exfoliation again. My esthetician D is as smart as the dermatologist when it comes to glowing skin.)

For Bright Eyes: “Got puffy lids? Place cold spoons over closed eyes for a few minutes. The chilly temperature will decrease swelling,” says dermatologist Jessica Wu. (I haven’t tried this one yet – spoons over my eyes???)

For Wrinkle-Free Skin: “The trick is to protect skin-firming collagen with daily SPF – and create more with peptides and retinoids,” says dermatologist Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas. Dr. A says, “Consider glycol acid the MVP of this regimen. In a cleanser or moisturizer it will help remove dead skin and speed cell turnover, so skin looks less wrinkled over time.”

During the day, she suggests a vitamin C serum to increase the production of skin-firming collagen, and then a moisturizing sunscreen to protect from cell-damaging free radicals caused by the sun. (D got it right again – so smart, so smart.) At night: a retinol lotion – spiked with hydrating hyaluronic acid and firming peptides – to gently stimulate collagen.” (The two products recommended in InStyle were quite expensive. My dermatologist suggested ROC Retinol night cream. The ROC creams don’t seem to dry me out.)

So, how are you keeping your face fully hydrated during the cold winter months? Are you remembering to exfoliate? Ah yes, and I forgot to add to remember to drink lots of water. More water please – so important for healthy skin and healthy bodies.

Help me keep my chin up and my face and neck forever wrinkle-free. Please share your skin care secrets.