With this week being Fashion Week in NYC, I thought it would be appropriate timing for me to write my annual fall fashion blog post. It is September and summer is almost over ( I just threw out my summer flowerpot and put out my mums – which btw are already wilting).  Next week will be the official start of fall 2012.

I did finally read all 2000+ pages of my fall fashion magazines – Vogue (with my fav Lady Gaga on the cover), InStyle, Allure, T- The New York Times Style Magazine – so I do feel qualified to report on what stylish boomer girls should be wearing when the weather cools down. Ooh, ooh, ooh, today I was in NYC for a meeting and I walked up and down Fifth Avenue to take in all the store windows. The windows are all dolled up in honor of last week’s Fashion Night Out (which unfortunately moi missed.)

Loved this jacket in Lord & Taylor's window

So what’s trending for fall?  Here’s a topline, according to InStyle magazine (which provides the trends in a very simple to understand format):

Magic Garden florals are all the rage.  (I agree that these patterns are dense and opulent and I don’t know if I can carry them off. I go for more simple solids and like to accessorize with floral scarves and pins.)

Leather that is treated more like a fabric. (No, no, no. I cannot wear a full skirt of leather with my pear-shaped body, but a nice neutral or rich jacket will do.)

Bejeweled looks with ornaments are popular. (With this style there’s no need to wear any jewelry. Although not sure I will be able to stand up straight with all the embellishment hanging on my sweater or dress.)

– Restraint Sensuality.  InStyle magazine editors say that “boatnecks enhance the more mature and this attitude is appropriate for all age groups…clothes with strong shoulders, a defined waist, and below-the-knee hemlines. (This one is on my “meh-list” – as the New York Times Sunday Magazine would say.)

– Black & Gold.  (Love it, love it, love it. Gold is one of my colors. Black is not one of my colors. But, but, but, if I add gold to black then black becomes one of my colors. How fabulous is this trend? I will definitely listen to InStyle magazine editors’ advice: “Do not let any other color come out to play with these two. No jewelry except for gold earrings.” Got it and I will follow to a tee. I do have a perfect pair of gold earrings for fall all ready and waiting in my jewelry box.)

Business suits are back. (Not for me. Flared skirts and pants – I’m passing suits to my younger millennial girlfriends. I am on the road to retirement – hint, hint, news coming soon in a separate blog post, do tell, do tell – Judiboomergirl is giving up on her dream to own an Armani suit in pursuit of her other dreams – namaste yoga wear.)

Fine China motifs, uniform tailoring, full skirts are additional trends. (I just don’t care for these styles. No wonder I hardly bought any fall clothes at the Nordstrom’s pre-sale in July.)

I want this form fitting dress from Project Runway

Winter white, geometric curves, big coats and more modern outerwear that has an athletic design. (I like these styles much better. Maybe I will purchase a fall dress with bold blocks of color and curves. I like it. I like it.)

Oh, how I love fall clothes (and spring and summer and winter clothes too). I just love clothes! I adore the colorful corduroy jeans (NYDJ are the cords I will be buying as I can no longer fit into Gap jeans). I also like the full-bodied burgundy colors in shoes, dresses, jackets and coats. (I did purchase a burgundy cashmere wrap to keep me cozy while I stay on trend.)

Yes, it’s time to do the annual switch and pack my summer clothes in my old tan leather suitcase and bring out my fall clothes. Funny how each year I forget what I packed away the months prior. It’s like a whole new wardrobe when I unzip my tan leather suitcase. Surprise, surprise…but, like a good fashionista, I always want a few new things to add to my seasonal closet.

Happy fall shopping. Let me know what trends are your favorites.