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How To Get More Beauty Sleep

After nights of not sleeping, I finally took myself to the sleep doctor this morning.  I had made an appointment more than a month ago.  Dr. A’s schedule was booked, booked, booked.  So many people have sleep issues these days….


Stepping Slowly Into The New Year

It’s 2012. Have you made any resolutions yet? According to my yoga teacher N, yogis do not set resolutions because resolutions take you too far into the future. Yogis set intentions, which are more about the present, about the here and now….


Hearing Back From My Boomer Girl Readers

It will be almost five years next month since I started blogging.  Back in 2007, when I began my first blog to record my countdown to my 50th birthday, I never dreamed I’d be blogging five years later.  Blogging has…


Are You Ready To Relinquish?

I’ve been thinking about the word relinquish ever since I went to yoga class last Friday.  It was so special to go to yoga on a weekday morning.  A real treat because I had the day off from work. My…