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Hanging Up My Armani

I took the week off. I did it. I actually stayed at home all week. Okay, I did do some work at home, but staying home all week was a major accomplishment for me. Time away, that’s what I needed…



This week I hit the brick wall. Super Judi hit the brick wall hard and collapsed. And as I was lying in the hospital bed on Tuesday night…as they wheeled me to have a CAT scan of my brain and…


Come November

Well, I did it…I survived my first Thanksgiving without my husband…he was actually not by my side last year either…it was a year ago that he enjoyed his last Thanksgiving dinner in his hospital bed. I was dreading the day…fearful…


The True Meaning of Relaxation

I went to the doctor today. I’ve been having headaches for the past 10 days (Yes, I think I’ve been having these headaches for about 10 days…sometimes I forget…wish I could remember to write down each day I have a…


More Trees In My Life

Besides my ‘Family’ tree, I have many other trees in my life. The landscaper paid a visit the other day to talk to me about my trees. He stopped by to also discuss my bamboo situation in my beautiful backyard…to…