My Post 50 Yoga Journey: Learning How To Expand My Prana

My post 50 journey to become a yoga instructor has been an enlightening experience so far. I’m becoming a student of awareness and stillness. As the master poet Rumi says, “you cannot see your reflection in running water, it is only in stillness … Continue reading

Now Is The Time To Get Your Flu Shot

“Will you join me for my flu shot?” I asked my boyfriend L. “We can go together this year to get our shots. You’ll hold my hand, since I am really not a fan of the needle.” Plus, CVS asked … Continue reading

I Need To “Sleep Better”

When I was in my 20s, I was a great sleeper. I’d hit the pillow after a long day at work and I was out for the count. I remember my roommate W was envious of how quickly I would nod off. … Continue reading

My Post 50 Yoga Journey – The First Step

In January I started training to become a yoga instructor. I thought I would share my transformative journey as it unfolds. For fellow yogis – my stories will remind you of why you practice. For non-yogis – come along for the ride – maybe I’ll entice you to … Continue reading

Are You In A Postmenopausal Desert?

“I’m itchy down under,” I told the gynecological nurse practitioner during my last visit. I was going to purchase an over-the-counter medication for what I thought was a simple vaginal infection. Glad I didn’t self-medicate. It’s not a good idea. … Continue reading

The Yogi’s Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

Catching my nightly zzz’s has been getting more challenging during my life after 50. What about you? Is your mind racing when your head hits the pillow? Still experiencing menopausal night sweats? Is your body exhausted? Since yoga has helped … Continue reading