New Additions To Timeless Breakfast Cereals

I’m a breakfast eater. I never miss my morning meal. So when the team at Kellogg Company asked me if I wanted to sample their new Kellogg’s® Raisin Bran with Cranberries® cereal, I agreed to do a taste test. They sent a … Continue reading

Take Me Back To Warm Miami

It’s freezing outside. There are icicles on my patio. While very beautiful to look at, my mind, body and spirit keep saying “take me back to warm Miami.” Since I don’t have any plans to visit soon, all I can do … Continue reading

“The 100 Foot Journey” – An Endearing Movie For Turbulent Times

While I was out on the west coast last month, I had a chance to attend a screening for the new movie, The 100 Foot Journey, which is especially endearing for these turbulent times. It tells the story of a … Continue reading

Giving Myself Permission to Transition

During the past year since leaving my full-time job, I’ve been on a mission to transition from a fast-paced corporate executive to a person who is more balanced, calm, and happy. Am I all the way to bright? No, no, … Continue reading

It’s Greek To Me: A Frozen Yogurt Taste Test

When the team at Vibrant Influencer Network asked me to participate in their Healthy Choice Campaign, I quickly obliged. While I mostly cook from scratch (or go out to eat or get dessert with my boyfriend L), I do occasionally … Continue reading

I’m Adding Australia To My ‘Not To Be Missed’ Bucket List

Since one of my favorite wines is the Yellow Tail brand from Australia and I do adore Australia’s popular Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuits, I jumped at the chance to attend a special luncheon this week in NYC put on by … Continue reading

Staying Fit and Fabulous After 50

In recognition of March National Nutrition Month, I asked my BFF and expert dietitian, Laura Sabban MS RD CSR, to provide her views on two diet books that came my way. The books are “The Digest Diet” and “The Digest … Continue reading