An Easy Way To Shop For Stylish Eyewear

boomer beauty, life after 50, makeup for 50+ women, over 50“Mom, you can’t buy anymore frames,” said my daughter A during our travels to Paris a few years ago. I had never seen so many optical  shops in one city. We were in the Jewish Quarter where I purchased two tortoise-shell frames that I later filled with my progressive and computer lenses.

As a post 50 fashionista, I do believe that eyewear is an important accessory and sends a statement about your style. “Because people generally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you choose to wear are a very real part of your identity,” says Erinn Morgan, editor-in-chief of Eyecare Business.

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Stylish Eyewear: I’m sporting black frames from Felix + Iris and tortoise shell frames from my trip to Paris.

Today there are many online shops for stylish specs and readers. It’s good to know what styles look best for your shaped face (see my blog post about this tip). Many of the shops let you try on frames before you buy and provide measurements for each frame. You can use a ruler to determine the size of your current glasses and compare. Some shops require a faxed prescription from your doctor prior to ordering. I also recommend having your PD (pupillary distance) properly measured by an optometrist. This measurement is used to make eyeglasses, but not usually included in your prescription.

A Range Of Readers
Being a boomer blogger, I frequently receive emails from online shops that sell readers. Readers are a trend I noticed at the Winter 2016 NY NOW Gift and Lifestyle Show. It’s no surprise that there are more reader options available to midlife women, with Eyecessorize reporting that there are now 30.9 million Americans wearing over-the-counter readers.

Although I don’t personally wear readers, I know many of my blog readers do. If you’re one who likes to have a pair to match every outfit, here are some sites to check out: offers hundreds of inexpensive bifocal reading glasses including no-line bifocals, fashion styles, and sun readers. My friends at provided a 35 percent discount  if you want to order a pair. The code is ENJOY35OFF and is valid until May 31st. In addition, they are offering one lucky blog reader a free pair of their Bouquet glasses – so be sure to enter the giveaway below. (Note: Also check out my blog post about their online sister company Felix + Iris, where I was treated to a pair of frames that I wear all the time.)

Bouquet readers; reading glasses; midlife eyes; far-sighted eyes

You can win a pair of Bouquet readers from readers were an Oprah “O” List favorite for 2016. These colorful specs come in all shapes and sizes. makes designer eyewear using organic-sustainable bamboo. A bit on the pricey side, these readers were inspired during designer & CEO Alex Brown’s trip to Milan. (Uh, oh — wonder if I will return with a new pair of trendy frames from my vacation in Italy this year.) has hip and cool readers in their Tribeca collection. Each frame is named for a different street in NYC.

readers, sunglasses, online eyewear, life after 50, over 50

So Many Frames To Choose From: Sunglasses and Readers…and my favorite Italian shades. offers styles to suit every mood, from classic to big, bold and bright. Owner Julie Allinson created the company after she turned 40 and like others her age grew more far-sighted and needed glasses to read a menu.

Computer Eyewear For Your Digital Life
According to The Vision Council, 70% of women report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain from using a computer, smartphone and tablet. Since I am one of these women, I was curious to learn more about Phonetic’s computer eyewear. I met their representative at last year’s BlogHer conference.

Their glasses work by using a special coating over clear, prescription-quality lenses. The lenses have a hard coating to prevent scratching and a blue light filtering and reflecting coating that improves focus and reduces eye strain. There is no yellow or amber tint to discolor your screens. These glasses are available in non-prescription, prescription and reader lenses.

I tried on the Alex frames in blue and really liked them. I’m thinking of ordering a pair since I do so much computer work.

online eyewear; computer eyewear, post 50 eyes

I like the Alex frame in blue from Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

A Special Bouquet Reader Giveaway
In honor of Mother’s Day, the nice PR team at are providing a complimentary pair of their Bouquet readers (in your lenses strength) to one lucky blog reader. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below and maybe you’ll be sporting these pretty flowers around your pretty eyes this spring.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


13 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Shop For Stylish Eyewear

  1. I love different glasses too Judi! And I also bought a pair of frames while shopping in Paris. Those Parisians know that something on your face should be stylish! I stopped wearing my contacts a couple of years ago when I had to wear readers to read and I thought what is the point of that, why not have glasses just on!

    • Haralee, glad you found nice frames in Paris too. I was not able to wear contacts. Never could get used to them.

  2. I have adjusted well to monovision contacts, but there are always those cookbooks that have teeny weeny print, and for those, I am grateful for readers. I think those bouquet ones are adorable, too!

    • Susan, you are lucky that you can wear contacts. I agree – these readers are fun and would make a cute addition to a spring outfit.

  3. Now that I am old have a hard time seeing smaller print! I really need to get myself a good pair of readers like this so I can actually see & not squint all the time! Thanks for the chance at this!

  4. Hello – I am quite new to this world of blogging. I really enjoyed this article. For me, reading glasses are a way to express my inner “funkiness” without spending too much or looking like I’m trying too hard. I like different shapes and loud colours and designs in particular. Makes me feel chic!

    • Marian, glad you found the blog post worthwhile. Reading glasses do come in a variety of fun colors and shapes.

  5. Hi Judi. Lovely pics of eyeglasses. I love the colorful readers myself. Did you ever get the computer eye wear? Did you experience less eye strain?

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