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I’m excited to share some favorite books that I’ve enjoyed and new books that are on my ‘to read list.*  If you’ve read a book that you think boomer women will enjoy (or perhaps written a book), please let me know a little bit about the book and I’ll add it to the list with your credit.

Happy reading!

I’m reading these books now: 

The Heirs by Daisy Goodwin (Novel)

The Hiers


Find out all the secrets and drama after wealthy Rupert passes and leaves his wife Eleanor and family of five grown boys to carry on and pick up the pieces.





Books I can’t wait to read:

Sixty, A Diary of My Sixty-First Year by Ian Brown (Memoir)

Just read a review of this book and it sounds like a perfect memoir for boomers, especially since I’ll be 60 in a few years. This is written from a male’s perspective so will be curious to see how it is different or similar than my own thoughts as I approach my next decade.





The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

I’ve read several of Lauren Weisberger’s novels, including my all-time best Devil Wears Prada (think I watched that movie about 10 times and likely will watch it another 10 times). Lauren spoke about her new book The Singles Game at our local JCC. It’s about a tennis player and sounded like a fun novel. I bought a hard cover copy for my daughter A, who is a quick reader. Will have to borrow sometime.


Lauren Weisberger; books for boomer women; chicklit

I met author Lauren Weisberger when she visited our local Jewish Community Center.

Going Gypsy by David and Veronica James (Memoir)

Looking forward to reading this memoir from travel bloggers at David and Veronica are a fun couple and share their “adventure from empty nest to no nest at all.” If your a boomer girl who likes to travel, I highly recommend checking out their blog.



Books I’ve already read…


Victoria by Daisy Goodwin (Novel)

This is a novel about the young queen by the creator/writer of the Masterpiece presentation on PBS. The first season ended and I loved the series. The novel reads just like the screenplay. Marvelous!




When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi (Memoir)

This book is a deeply moving account of brilliant neurosurgeon and writer Paul Kalanithi, who died of lung cancer several years ago. His prose is overwhelmingly beautiful, as he was also an English and Philosophy major during his undergraduate and graduate studies at Stanford. He died much too young and was truly an amazing surgeon. I’m glad he shared his story before he left this earth. It’s a reminder to live fully and be grateful for each day.



Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran (Fiction)

I just finished this novel about a young Mexican immigrant woman, Soli, who arrives into the USA illegally, and a married woman Kavya, who is from a family of immigrants from India . The story follows their separate yet parallel paths on the role of motherhood for one little “lucky boy.” Soli is the boy’s real mother, Kavya is the foster mother who was never able to have children. Who will end up with the baby in the end? I found myself grappling with the answers. It’s a gripping novel and an interesting read considering the political world we are living in today.


The Little Paris BookShop by Nina George (Fiction)

While this book was written a few years ago, it is a charmer. It tells the story of Monsieur Perdu and his floating bookstore that is housed on the Seine. For those who love France, you’ll enjoy reading this novel about an older man who seems to be able to know what each of his readers wants and needs. He heals them with books. He just cannot seem to satisfy his own soul. After finding and reading a letter from his lost love, he finally goes in search of answers to heal himself. He travels the South of France (another place I love) providing books and wisdom along the way.


Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-58-30-pmI attended an excellent presentation by Mallika Chopra at the 2016 Pennsylvania Conference for Women. In her book, Living with Intent, she guides you through steps to live a life with intention. She provides helpful tips and meditations to guide you through a new way of looking at your life journey.



Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen (Novel)

I give this book a two thumbs up. It was a great coming-of-age tale about a female protagonist Mimi Miller. Anna always develops her characters so well and is a wonderful storyteller.


Falling by Jane Green

Jane Green is another chick-lit writer whose books I like to read for leisure. Her newest book has a female protagonist and it’s a love story. It’s an easy read.





Me After You by Jojo Moyes (Novel)

The sequel to the best-seller Me Before You. I can’t tell you what this is about because I would ruin the plot of the first book. So you’ll just have to read the first one or go see the movie version when it comes on DVD.



Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (Novel)

I enjoyed this book about a young women who goes to help out a young man who has been disabled. It’s a good chick lit that my daughter recommended. The movie is premiering in theaters June 2016. Look forward to seeing it.




Brooklyn by Colm Toibin (Novel)

This has to be one of the best books and movies I’ve seen of late. It is just charming to follow the story of this Irish immigrant, Eilis, and her life in Brooklyn during the 1950s. You’ll smile and shed a few tears, but it is just delightful from beginning to end. So is the movie.



Just Kids From The Bronx by Arlene Alda (Non-Fiction)

If you are a kid from the Bronx like me, you’ll enjoy reminiscing about the good old days at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and other sites, sounds, and specialities that the Bronx was known for when you were growing up. The delis, the bakeries, the butchers, and playing ball in the streets. It was fun to meet Arlene Alda during a reading at my local Jewish Community Center.

Arlene Alda, Just Kids From the Bronx, boomers, life after 50

I met Arlene Alda, wife of Alan Alda and author of “Just Kids From The Bronx,” at our local JCC.


The Rocks by Peter Nichols (Novel)

This story takes place in Mallorca, off the coast of Spain. It’s about a couple Lulu and Gerald and their families. It’s told from the present into the past.  Lulu owns an hotel called “The Rocks” and does yoga into her 70s — no wonder I liked it!



All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (Novel)

After reading The Nightingale and loving it, I decided to finally read this Pulitzer Prize winning novel. It was a ery emotional story about a blind girl in France and a young German guy during WWII.



The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (Novel)

I loved this book about two sisters in France during World War II. I hope they make a movie of this book. While at times sad, it was so interesting to see how Kristin Hannah develops the characters and depicts what happened during this time in history.



Where in the Om Am I? by Sara Divello (Novel)

I enjoyed this chick-lit about a corporate PR woman who trains to be a yoga instructor. Sara eventually gives up her corporate career to pursue a more fulfilling and spiritual life as a yogi. (Sound like someone you know? Moi, moi, moi! Know wonder I liked it. Glad my BFF R recommended I read it.)


The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (Novel)

I really liked this Pulitzer novel about a boy who loses his mom following a tragedy at my favorite Metropolitan Museum of Art and the adventures he faces afterwards. The book is so well written. I shared my Kindle with my boyfriend L so he could read it too. He loved it. Can’t wait to see the movie version when it comes out next year. Wonder who will play the leads. Any ideas?


Your Life Calling by Jane Pauley (Self-Help)

For those who want to reimagine your life after 50, this book will inspire you. Jane shares stories of those who have reinvented themselves during their second act. It’s never too late to change. Read my blog post about Jane’s talk at the 2014 Pennsylvania Conference for Women.



Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple (Novel)

Read about the wild and wacky world of a crazy mom Bernadette Fox, her talented daughter Bee, and tech whiz dad Elgin. This book is humorous and will keep you smiling and laughing from beginning to end. It’s so funny.




Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen (Novel)

Loved, loved, loved Anna Quindlen’s newest novel about a sixty-something photographer who leaves NYC to find herself in the country. May just have to read it again. It was so good. See my full review on my blog post Triple Crown for all the details.



Bond Girl by Erin Duffy (Chick-lit)

I admit to being a fan of chick-lit. I’ve read Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic, No 1) by Sophie Kinsella and The Devil Wears Prada: A Novel by Lauren Weisberger and other chick-lit books including In Her Shoes and other chick-lit by Jennifer Weiner. So when I read about Erin’s novel about a young woman who aims to make it on Wall Street, I thought it would be a fun read…and it was.


Wild by Cheryl Strayed (Memoir)

I met Cheryl Strayed at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women a few years ago. It was interesting to hear her story about how she journeyed through the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself after her mother died. It’s a great memoir of loss, love and facing and overcoming challenges. The strength that Cheryl exemplified is to be applauded. I don’t know how she survived such a grueling adventure and lived to tell the tale.


Cheryl Strayed, "Wild," reinvention, transformation, lifeafter50

Cheryl Strayed is the author of “Wild.” I just watched the movie of her story featuring Reese Witherspoon – it was very good.

Paris A Love Story by Kati Marton (Memoir)

I attended a luncheon with Kati Marton at our local Jewish Community Center. Her memoir about how she begins her life anew after the death of her husband, Richard Holbrooke, is an uplifting story. She loves Paris and if you don’t already love Paris, you will love it too after you read Kati’s descriptions of the city. She is an award-winning former NPR and ABC News correspondent.


Kati Marton, widowhood, lifeafter50, Paris

Kati Marton, widow of Richard Holbrooke, wrote a touching memoir of her life in Paris after losing her husband.

Prime Time by Jane Fonda (Self-Help)

In her 70s, Jane Fonda continues to amaze me. Yes, I know she has had some work done to her face and likely her body, but she looks and sounds incredible. I wish all the Jane Fonda workout videos worked as well on my body. Wish my hair looked as good as her hair too. This book is about ‘making the most of all of your life – love, health, sex, fitness, friendship and spirit’ during your second act. Jane wrote this self-help book a few years ago, but it offers some evergreen advice for those from 45-50, and especially 60 and beyond. She says that these years can be times when we truly become the vital, loving, fulfilled people we were meant to be. Go Jane!



My Favorite Cookbooks

Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolengeni and Sami Tanimi 

The beautiful photos and appetizing recipes in this best-selling cookbook will make you want to head to the kitchen. I’ve already tried the eggplant and lamb entree and prepared the homemade hummus several times as an appetizer. Some of the seasonings are hard to find in a regular supermarket, but you can always improvise. Wish I could visit the authors’ restaurant in London. Maybe they will eventually open a restaurant in New York City.


Plenty by Yotam Ottolengeni 

This is another book by the talented duo from the Jerusalem cookbook. Their books are just amazing and the recipes delicious, especially if you like veggies. The book is worth it just to look at the mouthwatering food shots.



Plenty More by Yotam Ottolengeni 

Once again you will be wowed by these recipes and images. The combinations of herbs, spices, vegetables and more, are tantalizing to the tastebuds.


6 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hello Judi,
    I’m a writer (age 77) whose next book is being released on Sept. 1, 2015. My first book was published when I was 73. “The House on Seventh Street” is literary fiction with a mystery and my protagonist is a woman of 61. I know this book will be enjoyed by women the age of your readers. I can send you either a paperback or Kindle. I also have the versions the publisher gave me: a mobi and an ePub. You can learn more about me and the book on my website (listed above) or on Amazon at

    Your blog is totally fascinating–I just found it today.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Karen Vorbeck Williams

    • Karen, first, congrats on your book being published. What an accomplishment. I will take a look and maybe I can feature it on my blog or books section. I will email you regarding reading a copy.

  2. I love your website! I’m working with C. Suzanne Bates (cofounder of AgingBut DANGEROUS) to promote her new book “Don’t Pee On My Sofa! And Other Things to Laugh About” and wanted to see if you would be interested in reviewing the book. The book is for woman 50+. Please let me know if your interested. Thanks! Katie

  3. Hi Judi, so happy to find your excellent site! I am a 50+ baby boomer who also loves yoga and travels the world as an intl educator. I have written two memoirs about living, traveling, and working in schools in seven different countries. My latest book is about my time working in Cairo in an all Muslim school. I would love to have you take a look at it for your site, if interested.


    • Jill, glad to take a look. Please email me with more details. You can find my contact information on my About Me page.

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