Skin Fitness For Women Post 50

boomer beauty, life after 50, makeup for 50+ women, over 50Whenever I’m asked to try new skin care products, I usually say “yes.” In fact, if you looked in my bathroom cabinets since I’ve been blogging, you would find dozens of skin care samples.

During my life after 50, I’ve been on a mission to find a magical cure that might ultimately keep my face and neck forever wrinkle-free. It’s challenging to always keep my chin up, especially during days when I’m lacking sleep.

Created for Women 50+
Last spring, I was invited to try Truist™, a new line specifically created for women over 50.* The skin creams are manufactured by Kimberly Clark, a company that says “it knows first-hand about putting ingredients next to skin.” KC is the creator of Huggies diapers. My boyfriend L likes to say that my skin feels as soft as a baby’s skin when I come home from a visit to my esthetician. Is it possible to create this same softness with at-home products? I wondered if Truist™ might provide the answers.

A Unique Approach To Skin Care
Truist, skin fitness for post 50 women, boomer beautyI perused the brand’s website where you can purchase the products and liked what I read: “Truist™ takes a unique approach, focusing on your skin’s true purpose, which is to keep healthy moisture in, and harmful elements out. Our products help your skin get in better shape to do its job. That’s the true measure of your skin’s well being and we call it skin fitness. We believe that women over 50 are strong, wise, and beautiful. We know that you don’t want products that promise to make you look 30 again; you need products that will make your skin as vibrant and as resilient as you are.”

I knew why they selected me as a tester – “strong, wise, beautiful, vibrant, resilient” – moi, moi, moi. “I’ll try the entire line,” I told the team. I put a basket on my bathroom counter to hold the bottles and readied for my daily beauty routine:

Truist™ Calming Cleanser to refresh my face in the morning and comfort me at night. I liked that I could use it with my Clarisonic brush. It left my skin soft, moisturized and residue-free.
Truist™ Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser to gently remove dead skin without irritation. I exfoliated every few days as recommended.
Truist™ Moistruizing and Strengthening Serum to hydrate my skin. This was my favorite of the bunch. I liked the consistency and used it as a moisturizer under my makeup.
Truist™ Moisturizer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 to protect my skin from the sun’s most damaging rays. I used this lotion during the day before I went out in the sun and reapplied as needed throughout the day.
Truist™ Skin Nourishing Body Milk  to massage into my body after my shower or bath.
Truist™ Intensive Overnight Moisturizing Lotion to add radiance, luminosity and vibrancy while I slept. (Note: I also used this lotion on many sleepless nights and appreciated the hydration.)
Truist™ Skin Calming Comfort Serum - I didn’t use this one too much because it was designed for delicate, troubled skin.

Fast Forward Five Months
“What do you think of my skin?” I asked my esthetician D in September after using the Truist™ line for five months. D had mentioned that my skin was very dry during a previous visit. “It’s much better. Nice and hydrated,” said D. I told her that I was testing out a new skin care line.

At-Home Spa Afternoon With A Friend

Trust skin fitness for post 50 women, boomer beauty, life after 50

An at-home spa day with a friend using Truist One-Step Moisturizing Gloves and Socks.

“Let’s try two more Truist™ products – One-Step Moisturizing and Conditioning Gloves and Socks,” I told my friend L earlier this month. “We can have a spa afternoon.” We placed the sock packaging in a bowl of hot water to warm. Then we put the socks on our feet. We did the same for the gloves minus the heat. After 15 minutes we were smoothed and soothed. I preferred the gloves more than L.

No Magic Cure To Aging
While at times I still yearn for a magic potion that will take away my wrinkles, deep down I am happy being who I am in my own skin. Maybe that’s why I appreciate the honest approach from the Truist™ team. As they say, “we believe that it’s unrealistic to tell people that our products will ‘cure’ the signs of aging. The truth is, no skin care product is going to do that! Instead, we provide the ingredients that changing skin needs to reach its full potential.”

A Truist GIveaway
Do you want your skin to reach its full potential? Enter my October giveaway below to win a sample of all nine Truist™ products (total value $360). Leave a comment with a tip about your skin care and share what works best for you.


* Note: I am blogging on behalf of Truist Skin Care. I have received compensation  for my time in addition to sample products for trial and review purposes. The views and opinions expressed here are solely mine , not those of the Truist brand.

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A SoulCycle Experience

life after 50, baby boomer women, boomer wellnessCelebrities are doing it. Oprah just had an arena-wide session at her “The Life You Want Weekend” in Newark.  It’s called SoulCycle,  ”indoor cycling re-invented,” as the company’s website says.

“Do you want to take a SoulCycle class?” asked my daughter A since I had planned to visit NYC this past weekend. “I’ll register us for Saturday at 10:45 a.m.” “Okay, let’s go for it,” I replied. I had taken a spinning class once before but never done SoulCycle. “Maybe we will see some celebrities,” I said. I had heard that Jake Gyllenhaal was a cycler in the city. My son’s girlfriend J joined us too.

I dressed in my artful gray and black leggings and black tee. We arrived early for the sold-out session. We checked in at the front desk and were given cycling shoes and instructed to go downstairs to put our things in a locker. I signed the waiver, since I was a first time rider.

Ready To Ride

SoulCycle, life after 50, boomer wellness, spinning, boomer fitness, cycling


I watched as previous class attendees exited the exercise room – each sweating more than the next. I peered around the crowd to see my fellow comrades. Millennials were in the majority, most with ponytails and sweatbands. Was I ready for this 45 minute choreographed workout? Would my body and legs survive the intensity?

I entered the dark room with mirrored walls and wallpaper filled with impelling words. A staff member helped me adjust my assigned seat. He fixed the pedals and locked in my shoes. No escaping now.

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A Vacuum Fit For Cleaning and A Work Of Art

life after 50, baby boomer women, boomer womenAs a blogger, I often receive a variety of promotions and products to review. Each day I never know what fun pitch is going to appear in my inbox. Here’s one of my recent favorites:

“I’m reaching out from Dyson’s PR team. We’ve released new cordless vacuums that I think would be a perfect fit for folks over 50. Rather than dealing with bulky upright vacuums that are heavy, difficult to maneuver, and involve cords that you need to bend down to wrap, plug and unplug, ours are under 5 pounds, docked to the wall for easy access, and their performance actually rivals traditional corded uprights. In fact, the latest model – DC59 Motorhead – out-cleans the top 5 full-sized uprights across carpets and hard floors. Plus, they convert into powerful handheld vacuums for cleaning car interiors, upholstery, etc.

Would the newest cordless vacuum cleaner be something you’re interested in testing out? Happy to send through a sample.”

“Are you talking to moi?,” I shouted and jumped up and down when I read the invitation. “You want moi to try out the new Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 Motorhead vacuum valued at $549.99?” I have long admired Dyson’s high-quality vacuums from afar but never purchased one. “Are they really worth the cost,” I wondered. Now was my chance to find out.

“Send the vacuum my way,” I responded. While cleaning does not rank as one of my top activities on my bucket list during my life after 50, I was game to try out this new innovation. My only worry was that I would be technically savvy enough to put it together. Continue reading


JudiBoomergirl on “Boomer Generation Radio”

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersThis week, I had an opportunity to be interviewed on Boomer Generation Radio which airs in the Delaware Valley including areas of Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware. The host of the show is Rabbi Richard Address, who is the founder of, a website filled with resources and discussions about the revolution in longevity and its implications for baby boomers and their families.

Rabbi Address hosts Boomer Generation Radio every Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. on WWDB-AM 860 in Philadelphia. You can hear the program streamed live on the web. Podcast recordings are posted on the station’s website and on after the program airs.

Live From Philadelphia, It’s JudiBoomergirl!

Boomer Generation Radio, life after 50, boomer bloggers, boomer women

Recording from the WWDB-AM 860 Studio with host Rabbi Richard Address.

It was a fun experience to be interviewed by Rabbi Address in the studio with microphones and an elaborate sound-system. I talked about how and why I started blogging during my countdown to 50 and the reasons I continue to blog during my life after 50. In addition, I discussed trends in boomer blogs and the growth of blogging as a profession.

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The Yogi’s Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

life after 50, baby boomer women, boomer wellnessCatching my nightly zzz’s has been getting more challenging during my life after 50. What about you? Is your mind racing when your head hits the pillow? Still experiencing menopausal night sweats? Is your body exhausted?

Since yoga has helped me to lower my stress levels during the day, I asked my friend Alene Brennan, health coach and yoga instructor, if she had any yogic advice that might work during the wee hours of the night. Here’s an excerpt from our chat:

life after 50, over 50, boomer women, good night's sleep, sleep, Ayurveda, yoga, menopause

Alene Brennan, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor

J: What principles do yogis follow in regards to sleep?
A: “Yogis follow Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga and one of the world’s oldest healing systems.  Ayurveda offers simple routines that can create balance and a restful sleep.”

J: I’ve always wanted to learn about Ayurveda – tell me more.
A: “A good night’s rest begins with the time that you wake up each morning According to Ayurveda, there are cycles of energy in nature throughout the day and the more you synchronize your daily routine with nature’s clock the better balanced your energy will be throughout the day.”

J: So what time does nature awaken?
A: “Ideally you want to rise by 6:00 a.m. or before sunrise. This is known as Vatta time when the energy is fresh and full of renewal. Rise and shine to welcome the new day and sync your internal clock and energy with that of nature.”

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Fabulous Fall Fashions Roundup

boomer beauty, life after 50, makeup for 50+ women, over 50Last week, while fashionistas were viewing spring 2015 styles at New York City Fashion Week, I was reading my September magazines (6 pubs equaling 2000+ pages) to get a lowdown on what’s on trend for fall 2014. It’s time for my fabulous fall fashions roundup. I’m here to share the colors, fabrics, styles, accessories, and shoes you will want to be wearing as the weather cools.

Can you feel my excitement? While I don’t need as many clothes as when I was working full-time, I always leave room in my closet for a few new items. Plus, it’s been fun to help my daughter A and son D build their working wardrobes as they each establish their own executive presence.

Prep Your Wardrobe
Are you sitting down? Do you have a pen? Do you know what colors look good on you? Do you know what styles are flattering to your mature figure? Most of all, have you gone through your closet and discarded any old clothes that don’t fit anymore or are just plain worn to the threads? If you need help, contact my stylist Elizabeth at Styling By Elizabeth and she can provide great guidance.

Pick A Palette of Pretty Colors and Fabrics
I do like the fall colors. Designers know how to tint shades just enough to make you want to buy more. Some call it sangria others call it maroon, wine, eggplant – all berry tones are popular. Indigo, navy, bright cobalt, and denim are the blues in demand. Apple red, chocolate brown, cognac and mustard gold, and grape purple will make you think of food and drink as you shop. Bring the outdoors in with greens in moss, kelly, forest, and earthy green. Winter white and pastels are always available. Gray is the new black per Oprah magazine while orange is the new black according to Vogue. Which is it? You decide what looks best on your body.

fall fashions, life after 50, over 50, boomer fashions, Ann Taylor Loft

Gray is the new black. Berry and navy are popular colors too. Two dresses from Ann Taylor Loft.

So much to select from when it comes to fabrics. Glitter and metallic, sheer, quilted, faux fur, houndstooth, bold graphics, plaid, animal and southwestern prints and more. Can’t forget the florals on dark backgrounds which almost look gothic.

Shop Tops, Bottoms, and Wraps
Pop on a turtleneck or crew sweater, an oversized menswear blazer or bomber, a cozy knit or bejeweled sweatshirt. Cover it with a jacket that suits your shape – bomber, puffy, anorax, aviator, shearling – any will do. Want to look like Olivia Pope from Scandal? Wrap yourself in a wrap coat. Bring out your capes and ponchos too – seems like they never go out of style. (So glad I can wear my Burberry cape again this season. The saleswoman was right, it’s always a classic.)

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Boomers Play Role In Changing Family Trends

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersThis week, I had a chance to talk with Will Palley, Trend Strategist at JWT, about the ad agency’s “Meet The New Family” research study. It was clear from the report that boomers are playing a major role in the evolving family structure both in the USA and abroad.

“The family is such an important concept around the world,” said Will. “What it means to be a family is changing. Boomers are an untapped opportunity.”

The Changing Nuclear Family
According to the report, the classic nuclear family is not only declining, but there is new gender dynamics between husbands and wives. Dads are taking on more domestic duties, while more women are becoming the primary breadwinner. (Once again I was ahead of the curve. When my kids were young, I became the breadwinner and my late hubby was a stay-at-home dad. It was rare in the 1990s. Glad to see that co-parenting is becoming more popular.)

The report highlights the growth in same-sex couples and childless couples. In addition, it says that “urbanites are increasingly weaving together families out of friends, as millennials are constantly connected to social networks but often physically distant from families.”

Silver, Solo, and Multigenerational Families

life after 50, over 50, Will Palley

Will Palley is Trends Strategist at JWT agency.

Boomers are impacting the growth in silver families, as lifespans increase with longer, healthier, more active lives. The report says that “boomers are less likely to see middle and old age as a time when life slows down and more likely to re-evaluate the status quo and seize new opportunities.” (Will and I discussed how boomers are reinventing and transforming during the second half of their lives. Mind you, I think Will is a millennial who could easily be my son D’s age. I was glad to hear that he recognized his elders who are positively paving the path for his generation.)


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Dress Up Your Empty Nest – Tips From Design Pros

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersAs I mentioned in last week’s post, I recently attended NY NOW – The Market for Home + Lifestyle Show in NYC. Walking around the show put me in a mood to redecorate my home. The best part about redecorating as an empty nester is that I’m finally at the age and the stage in my life where I can select furnishings and accessories to complement my very own personal style.

Robert Verdi, empty nest, life after 50, over 50, NY NOW Show

Stylist Robert Verdi's clients include Eva Longoria and Christine Wiig.

In my previous post, I told you all about trends in home decor. In this post, I’m going to highlight tips from another NY NOW seminar I attended called “Designing Lifestyle.” Panelists included internationally acclaimed interior designer Jamie Drake, American TV personality and fashion and interior design stylist Robert Verdi (Kristin Wiig and Eva Longoria are two of his clients as are other stars), and Andrew Mandell, from luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman.

The panelists answered a variety of questions and had some helpful answers for the audience.


Q: How do you decorate a space to flatter you?
A: Jamie said that “color should express who you are and the colors in your home should make you comfortable.” He looks at his client’s clothing the minute they walk in the door to determine their style.

Robert gives clients an assortment of magazines and asks them to mark up the pages they like. Then he creates a mood board. “It’s like going to India,” said Robert, “you need a tour guide.”

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Time To Redecorate With New Trends In Home Decor

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersWhen I first downsized and moved into my town home in 2010, I hired a wonderful decorator and color consultant to help me decide what furnishings to take from my home. She helped me select paint colors, carpet styles, drapery fabrics and window treatments, and a few new pieces of furniture. She even did layouts to show me how to place the furniture in each room. It was one of the best investments during my life after 50.

The NY NOW Show
Last week, I attended the NY NOW Show at the Javits Center in NYC. It is a huge show of gifts and home accessories. After walking the floors for two days, I decided I either wanted to open a gift shop filled with jewelry, socks, trinkets and home goods (which is not going to happen) or perhaps finally redecorate my combined living/family room (yes, no, maybe so).

NY NOW Show, life after 50, over 50, home decor

Renee Hytry Derrington from Formica Group and Laminex (left) and DJ Carey from Cottages and Gardens magazine, presented color forecasts for 2014 and beyond at the NY NOW Show.

Absolutely yes, that is exactly what I am going to do this coming fall and winter. The room where I spend the most time each day deserves to be updated for my second act.

I’m going to keep trends in mind as I select my decor.  That’s why I listened intently to the panelists at the NY NOW “Color Forecast 2014 and Beyond” seminar to learn what is trending. Then I walked the show just like the editors and designers to see what’s out there.

NY NOW Show, home decor, life after 50, over 50

Moss green with accents of the garden are trending at home.

Adding Color
“Use color to punch up your surroundings,” said DJ Carey, Cottages & Gardens editorial director. DJ shared the hot home colors including true blue, a cleaner and clearer blue, nice in a bedroom; green, which brings the tonalities of the garden inside like a mossy soothing green; pops of clean yellow with dark charcoal or grey walls; subtle touches of pale pink; and grey, especially in kitchens. (Ooh, ooh, ooh, I’d love to redo my kitchen counter. I’m not a big fan of dark granite. Maybe I should update my kitchen too. That’s what happens when you start redecorating, it always makes the old stuff look really old.)

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Refocusing on My Memoir Writing Goal

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersAs I continue to evolve my life after 50, I’ve enjoyed reading Life Reimagined, Discovering Your New Possibilities. Authors Richard J. Leider and Alan M.Webber use  a concrete approach to help people “rethink life’s meaning and discover (or rediscover) their purpose” when faced with the challenge to change.

I’ve been using the Life Reimagined online tools to help me set my goals. Last month, after returning from the BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA, and listening to the panel on publishing a book, I thought it was a good time to revisit my goal to write my memoir.

AARP Life Reimagined, memoir writing, change, widowhood, life after 50

My Life Checkup
I logged into the Life Reimagined website and reviewed the results from my “Life Checkup” activities that I completed last April. My checkup told me that I was “optimistic and passionate about my goal to write a memoir. My gut was telling me to go for it. However, my actions were not in-sync. Instead of focusing forward, I was moving in a hundred different directions. Instead of acting, I was waiting for the right moment.

“If your idea hits a roadblock, get creative about pushing past it,” my Life Checkup results declared. (Okay, I hear you! I’m ready. I’m willing. I want to start putting prose on the page.)

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